Taprobane Tea Company - Pure Premium Quality High Grown Ceylon Tea


Our Projects

At Taprobane Tea Company we are committed to ecological and humanitarian projects: our packaging is 100% recyclable; in Sri Lanka we support the Leopard Project and we donate to the Elephant Transit Home. We are also applying for membership to the Ethical Tea Partnership.

At Taprobane Tea Company it is never just "business as usual". Firstly, we make it our business to supply a high quality product to all of our customers. We ensure that our packaging is 100% recyclable. Our other initiatives include support in Sri Lanka for the Leopard Project and the Elephant Transit Home. In addition, we are committed to the support of tea plantation workers. We hope to improve incomes and to contribute to the eradication of gender inequality and child labour in the tea industry.

Our Packaging

All materials used in our packaging are 100% recyclable. The cardboard used for our boxes, the inner cardboard separators and the paper sleeves used for our flavoured tea bags can be recycled with your other discarded paper and cardboard. We use plastic outer wrap and plastic pouches to protect our tea bags during the long sea voyage from Sri Lanka to Australia. This material can be recycled with your plastic shopping bags. Our tea bags are manufactured without the use of metal staples so they are biodegradable. You can recycle them in your compost bin or place them directly into your garden beds.

Read more about our initiatives:  Leopard Project, Elephant Project and Humanitarian Project